Dr. Jangid Homeopathic Clinic

The team

Dr. Nitesh Jangid

B.H.M.S., M.D.(HOM.)
Homeopathic Physician

Dr. NITESH JANGID is a specialized homoeopathic physician and has a very flourishing homeopathic clinical practice in RAJASTHAN.
His devoted consultancy with a positive and vibrant energy, understand their deep rooter fears and concerns, and then offers HIGH STANDRED medication and counseling following a holistic healing approach.
Dr. NITESH JANGID is treating patients in more than 50 countries like including in Canada, United States, Australia, India, Dubai, China, New-Zealand, and few Europen countries, etc.

Professional Strengths:

Dr. NITESH JANGID has been showing a lot of enthusiasm in homoeopathy and coming up with great ideas, techniques and research work for upliftment of homeopathy and treatment skills.
He has proved homeopathy in effectively treating acute illness such viral fever,malaria, typhoid, flu or any long lasting chronic pathology such as arthritis, psoriasis, tumor, and also psychosomatic disorders, auto-immune diseases, geriatric and pediatric disorders, ailments during pregnancy, skin diseases, life-style disorders and allergies etc. He has successfully treated a lot of surgical diseases like nasal polyps, adenoids, stones, tumors, warts, piles etc.



Dr Neeti Jangid


Dr Neeti Jangid (B.H.M.S., Home. Phy.) is one of the leading female homeopathy in India.
During bechlore time she has topper her college.
She has very keen mind, intelligent, she has cured many cases of female problems menses irregularity, leucorrhoea, infertility, fifroid, CA breast..

Dr. A.P.S.Chhabra

Homoeopathic Physician

Dr. A.P.S.Chhabra is a chief homoeopathic physician in Dr. Jangid Homoeopathic Clinic and giving his services regularly to the patients suffering from diseases that are hard to treat.
He treated vast number of patients of warts, kidney stones, skin diseases in which he has a specialization.
He is an STSH Award Holder (CCRH) and now also working on different research projects all over India and Abroad for the for the betterment of homoeopathy and suffering mankind.