Patient Testimonials

I have been suffering from Hepatitis C in the last stage, as my doctors have diagnosed. They hospitalize me time to time, when I have severe swelling, bleeding or any form of ill health due to liver cirrhosis. After being on homeopathic treatment in addition to the traditional medicines, I can say that I am keeping better health, in general. My acute problems have reduced. My energy level is better. I wish I had taken homeopathy in the early stages of Hepatitis..

Sanjay Sharma

There is a magical touch that the doctor couple have. Soft spoken and serene by nature it touches you. Same goes for their medicines which really touch and make a difference to not just your disease but our lives too and beyond expectations. I live in Chandigarh but on recommendation of a friend I visited Dr Jangid Homeopathic Clinic for my excruciating migraine which has been totally cured.

Suresh Prakash

There was a time when I used to wait for hours for my turn. But the other day I visited the centre almost after 20 years with a friend of mine. And there was not much of rush. On finding out I got to know that their services have gone far and beyond whereby medicines are couriered locally, Pan India and globally. I shall surely recommend a lot of patients now as what you guys have given me is a second life after my severe suffering of Nephrotic Syndrome.

Ravindra Singh

For years I was tired of suffering from my piles and fissure problem, desperately wanted to avoid surgery tried Ayurveda for few months could not continue, due to lot of food restrictions. Then someone suggested Dr. Jangid Homeopathic Clinic to me and to the surprise of my family within 2 weeks of treatment I was much better and now fully cured, no more medicines required. Who said homeopathy is slow. Heartfelt thanks to GH, really homeopathy works wonders.

Sharmil Chand

My feedback will be too long – my Dr has lots of patience. His medicines give permanent relief. Very mild and quiet nature always smiling and good listener. Never tried any other doctor or medicines after meeting him. He is very sweet. I mainly have got treated for tonsils and cold. His recommendations and advises are very helpful. I don`t trust anyone else but only and only my doctor.

Riya Sarangi

My father was suffering from chronic renal failure and had been on dialysis. After treatment here the creatinine levels have reduced greatly and dialysis which used to be weekly is now much reduced. Thank you all, I hope to spread this message that homeopathy has great power to heal especially Dr. Jangid Homeopathic Clinic.

Anshu Dhabhai